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Berlin erzählen: our inclusive reporter team for the Special Olympics World Games

Special Olympics is the world’s largest sporting organisation

  • for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • for people with multiple disabilities.

In June 2023, the Special Olympics World Games will be in Berlin.
7 thousand athletes with intellectual disabilities from all over the world will come to Berlin.
They will compete against each other in various competitions.
For example, in football or tennis.
In addition to the sports competitions, there is also a cultural programme.
For example, concerts or guided tours of the city.

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Grafik einer Besprechung/Diskussionsrunde von fünf Leuten an einem Tisch.

This is what Special Olympics wants to achieve:
People with disabilities are often discriminated.
That means:
They are treated worse.
For example, because they have a disability.

Special Olympics wants to change that.
People with disabilities

  • shall get more recognition.
  • shall become more visible.

Our project for the World Games

We will do a special project for the World Games.
It is called: Berlin erzählen.
This is in English:
Telling Berlin stories.
In this project, people with and without disabilities
report on the World Games.
And they show athletes from all over the world the city of Berlin.

To do this, they have to prepare themselves well.
That is why our project started in January 2022.
Our reporters meet once a week.
They talk about Special Olympics.
Together they think about
which topics are interesting.
And they attend training sessions.
For example, on these topics:

  • How do you commentate on a sports competition?
  • How do you prepare yourself?
  • How do you film?
  • How do you edit a video?
Grafik eines Mannes, der mit einer Frau ein Interview führt und dabei ein Mikrofon der Frau vor den Mund hält.
Grafik einer Frau, die einer Gruppe von Leuten etwas erklärt
Grafik von Mann beim Interview vor einer Kamera, dahinter ein Kameramann. Eine Frau notiert sich alles und eine andere Frau hält das Mikrofon.

Are you a sports fan?

Do you never miss a report about your favourite club?

Do others say that you are a chatterbox?

And do you like to explain things to everyone?

Grafik eines Fussballspiels. Kampf von zwei Spielern um den Ball während der dritte Spieler im Hintergrund beiden zusieht.
Grafik einer Hand mit Mikrofon

Is your answer Yes to all these questions?

Then you have come to the right place.
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