Our website has also an imprint.
In the imprint you can find different legal information.
For example, on:

  • who owns the website.
  • who wrote the texts on the website.

In Germany, all websites must have an imprint.
This is established by law.

Förderband e.V. Kulturinitiative Berlin
owns the website.

This is our address:
Torstraße 150
10119 Berlin

Do you have any questions?
Give us a call.
This is our telephone number:
0049 30 28 49 387 0

You can also send us an e-mail.
This is our e-mail address:

You can reach us
on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
from 9 am to 3 pm.

Förderband e.V. Kulturinitiative Berlin is a registered association.
That’s why we have an own number in the association registry.
The number is: VR 10723 Nz.

Our association is run by a board of members.
The board represents the association.
That means:
It speaks for our association.
For example, in court.

These are the members of the board:
Dietrich Petzold, Christoff Bleidt, Lutz Längert, Ralf Schallenberg,
Jutta Weitz, Dolly Leupold and Thomas Liljeberg.
Dietrich Petzold is the Chairman.

Our association also has a managing director.
The managing director’s name is:
Toni Steinmüller.
Toni Steinmüller is appointed by the board.
That means:
She consults with the board.
For example, before she takes important decisions.
And she signs various documents for the association.
Toni Steinmüller also checks, for example:
Do we respect the laws?

Do you have any questions?
Please contact Toni Steinmüller.

Förderband e.V. Kulturinitiative Berlin also has a tax number.
The number is: 27/653/51583.
The number is, for example, on our invoices.

Who wrote the texts in standard language?

Imke Baumann, Ralf Muschak.

Responsibility for Contents

We are responsible for the info on our internet site.
That is, for all pictures and texts.
This is established by law.

Responsibility for Links

Sometimes you will find links on our website.
Do you click on the links?
Then you will be directed to other websites.
These websites are not ours.
We did not create these websites.
And we cannot change them.
Therefore, we are not responsible for these websites.


The texts and pictures on our website
are subject to copyright.
Copyright means:
Most of the texts and pictures on our website belong to us.
Do you want to use the texts and pictures?
Or do you want to distribute them?
Then you need our permission.

Sometimes the texts or pictures are not ours.
For these texts or pictures, we have a permission:
We are allowed to use them.